training trainers

Packed with ideas that engage with how people really learn, we intend to 'walk the walk' as we share all the tricks of the trade. 

While your needs and budget will inform the scope and depth of this programme, the specific wants of our trainees and your trainers will dictate our agenda ...

typical learning outcomes

Our overall aim is to help your trainers be the best they can be. This course offers opportunities for them to:

  • appreciate the difference between brilliant training and standard versions which go through the motions
  • understand the training cycle in practical terms
  • practise the delivery and/or design of engaging training programmes
  • explore meaningful ways to assess the success of their training
  • know how to identify and respond to real needs as they arise
  • practise handling the trickier stuff
  • develop the confidence to stay flexible and present
  • escape the tyranny of restrictive scripts which may not deliver in real terms
  • enjoy the experience of wearing both hats as trainer and trainee
  • feel inspired 










Train the Trainer
I had little experience in this area, but all delegates found it to be top rate! We had difficulty getting a place since it was over subscribed each time it was offered.

Julie Wales is extremely effective, having excellent communication skills and efficiently targeting the needs of the delegates.

All delegates, even those who were already working at a high level, felt fulfilled at the end of the two days as Julie addressed all our training worries (amazingly). I certainly feel totally equipped!
— Debbie Boughey, Welsh Council for Voluntary Action