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Jeremy uses cognitive behavioural techniques to help our clients to finesse their communication skills as well as their confidence to speak up well for themselves - whether in their high level presentations, interviews, meetings or everyday conversations. His authentic warmth and charm are underlined by years of experience. Working internationally with clients across the corporate and public sectors, he has supported everyone from doctors and directors to designers and data analysts. In fact, across an alphabet of professions, his skills as a working actor always guarantee an empathetic and engaging style, one you may have already witnessed on the small or large screen.



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Kitty combines her work as an experienced management consultant and communications skills coach with a successful professional career in film, television and theatre. As well as using her skills to perform Forum Theatre in the corporate world, she is a valued member of our team, committed to creating practical, safe and informal workshops that challenge people to try out new behaviours. Her sensitivity and insight are hugely valued for their role in encouraging those we work with to develop and rehearse fresh options and take action with confidence. 



Gregg designs and delivers experiential workshops with a focus on behavioural impact and change. He is an accredited coach and certified NLP practitioner. He's also worked for the world renowned Mind Gym, where he was one of the original coaches. He has worked internationally and at all levels from shop floor to boardroom, with blue collar, white collar and those who don't wear collars. Gregg continues to work as a director and writer of critically acclaimed plays and film scripts. Along with his knowledge and insight, you can usually expect to come away with a couple of good stories too.




Gilly is warm and witty in French, as well as in her native tongue, English. She brings intelligence, experience and a real sense of fun to our work. As a trained actress, writer and producer, she is great and getting to the heart of communications and helping others to find practical solutions to their daily professional challenges. As an international corporate facilitator and Associate CIPD member, she also heads up an independent media training company as their Learning and Development Director. We are always lucky to have her on our team.   



Trixie is currently studying for an Ashridge doctorate that explores from a theoretical point of view why our team’s unique facilitation style works as well as it does. An experienced facilitator, trained coach and psychotherapist, she also enjoys an illustrious career on BBC radio. Insightful and entertaining, she has bags of international experience working at the highest level of corporate training and coaching. Despite which she still manages to remain down to earth, funny and approachable. 



We came up trumps when Flo joined our team to support our popular writing workshops. As an experienced journalist and professional copywriter, she writes for some of the most prestigious magazines and publishers on the planet. We welcome her insider know-how and sharp editing skills, almost as much as we forgive her extraordinary gift for finding daft puns …well almost!



(…Niki is looking for her best picture at the moment!)

Niki is our brilliant company manager and takes huge pride in keeping things shipshape. She may often be your first point of contact with us, which is why we love her natural warmth and thoughtful efficiency.  Underpinned by years of working in the corporate world with gazillions of high profile clients, we are delighted that she’s now our trusted right-hand woman. 

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