professional reports

Our nuts and bolts advice includes easy ways to produce professional reports which are easy to read, to understand and to act upon. 

With renewed confidence your colleagues will feel better equipped to write intelligent reports that don’t dumb down any of the content or efforts that underpin them.

typical learning outcomes

Within our overall aim, to support colleagues as confident and capable report writers, this course offers opportunities for them to:

  • send report writing samples in advance for diagnosis
  • demystify the professional report writing process
  • clarify typical, or in-house report writing conventions and protocols
  • know how to distil complex and detailed information into clean, clear and digestible documents
  • find easy ways to get started and to structure their ideas
  • practise writing clear effective summaries
  • present justifiable recommendations that assist the decision-making process



Professional Reports
Your training on Writing Board and Business Reports really helped me. Even the emails I write now follow the guidelines you taught us on finding appropriate style. I am really thankful Julie.

I was recently asked by my manager to write a report representing the organisation to request additional funds for a project. I am proud to say that he was very pleased and commented on its style, sharpness and detail.
— Melania Choruma, Lead Nurse for Professional Development, Croydon University Hospital