Module 1: Personal and Professional Branding 

Professional Branding

How are you perceived by your colleagues? Staying aware of the impressions you create through your daily formal and informal interactions means you can choose.

The future belongs to those that challenge the present... 

Valuing others

Cognizant brands itself as a successful, innovative and forward-thinking company.

As an ambitious person, what is your role within the team and what would you like it to be?

Do your managers and colleagues know that you are passionate, open-minded, collaborative and client-focused? How are you actively displaying these values?

How about the qualities that are valued by clients themselves? Do you know what they are?

How do you make the impact you choose?

Beyond the words you use, the messages received about who you are often depend upon how you deliver them - as well as other powerful undercurrents. Knowing what they are means you can prepare to be your most effective.

What makes an impact?

Is there any history or context you need to be attentive to?

Have you respected the cultural norms? 

Will the environment support you?

Is the timing right for them?

Is there a more effective medium?

Have you made assumptions about the people with whom you are trying to communicate?

Do any assumptions need to be dispelled?

Building Trust or Managing Risk?

To make sure that you retain the copyright on your reputation, be clear about how you manage their risk in trusting you.

Beyond your natural personal qualities, what are you doing to build trust your professional  credibility?  

10 Ways to Build Trust...

1. Be accountable

2. Deliver what you promise

3. Be honest

4. Manage their expectations

5. Display integrity

6. Keep objective in challenging situations

7. Be honest and diplomatic where you need to be

8. Tell them you trust them

9. Be authentic

10. Listen!

Stephen Covey's thoughts on how the best leaders build trust...


The Chess Game...

The Chess Game

You said it was important to:

understand the rules of the game from the very start

clarify expectations and the bigger picture

use the power of active listening

share your Insights and offer solutions

value the expertise and knowledge of others

support each other constructively

What drives your personal and professional behaviours?

What drives your personal and professional behaviours?

To find out what may drive your behaviours, have a go at our personal impact questionnaire and we'll send you the results...

And if you fancy watching trust in action, you may want to marvel at these two...maybe with the sound turned down! 

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