presenting with impact

We help busy people make smoke for the right reasons, whether in their daily communications or in their high stakes professional presentations.  In small groups or 1-2-1 sessions, we coach individuals to find ways to be their most self-assured and credible.

typical learning outcomes

Within our overall aim of inspiring colleagues to be the best presenters they can be, this course offers opportunities to:

  • enjoy a refresher on what it takes to deliver impactful presentations
  • hone their unique presentation style and build on their natural strengths
  • find fresh ways to engage audiences – including using the power of story
  • explore the dynamics of presenting and understand how to work them!
  • capture and deliver clear and punchy messages – applied to real presentation material
  • sharpen abilities to convey ideas in fresh and interesting ways
  • handle presentation nerves and challenging situations or individuals
  • practise fielding questions – especially the difficult ones!
  • feel much more confident and better equipped to deal with high profile, high stake presentations


Presenting with impact
Julie takes the time to understand her customers extremely well. This enables the delivery of tailored and professional sessions.

Each member of the Vodafone team that undertook this training session has taken at least one new skill forward in their current role.

My personal approach to my current role has changed completely for the better.
— Tarah Goldrick Customer Experience Centre Manager Vodafone