Personal Impact

We help people choose the impact they would like to make.

Clearly, it is not as easy as it sounds to change attitudes or behaviours, especially where confidence is lacking, irritation levels sky-high or the politics seemingly insurmountable…which is where we come in.

Your colleagues will find their own sustainable solutions and strategies beyond a day’s training. Acknowledging each person’s style and strengths, as well as their perceived status, this practical workshop explores all the factors that will affect their unique personal sway…

typical learning outcomes

Within our broadest aim, to help your colleagues develop their awareness and ability to make their best impact, this course provides opportunities to:

  • differentiate between personal and professional communications
  • unpick how and where impact is created
  • appreciate where it might be necessary to make a different impact 
  • find shortcuts to creating chosen impressions
  • explore the importance of perceived status and know how to adapt it
  • find ways to be more professionally assertive
  • know how to convey messages with clarity and credibility
  • practise ways to have more difficult conversations
  • know how to work to their strengths and flex their style when they need to








Personal Impact
Loved the fact it felt like the participants powered the agenda...

The best personal development session I can ever remember having.

Brilliant, a real masterclass.
— Chris Bell, Senior Learning Advisor, University of Derby