successful negotiating

From building rapport easily, to handling the undercurrents with finesse, we will share a variety of useful negotiation tools that boost confidence and effectiveness.

Understanding their player's potential tactics as well as their own best moves to close the deal, ours will include providing plenty of practice to help keep your professional negotiators in the game.

typical learning outcomes

Our aim, to provide a clear understanding of how to achieve successful and principled negotiations. There will be specific opportunities to:

  • revisit the importance of win-win negotiations in sustaining long term business relationships
  • unpick the dynamics of effective influence
  • clarify the five key stages of successful negotiations and the skill requirements of each
  • stock-take where individual strengths lie and what areas could be tightened further
  • identify the most challenging scenarios for each individual and practise ways to avoid getting stuck within them
  • know how to respond to a range of negotiation tactics and understand where they may or not be usefully employed
  • receive feedback and acknowledgement on levels of success
  • feel more equipped and confident about future negotiation options 
Successful Negotiations
I very much enjoyed the day… I’ve already found myself using a few techniques this week already. It was a great day and I learnt a lot of useful tips. You were a great inspiration!

There are already three people on the team who are very keen to attend the next negotiation training – good use of negotiation/selling don’t you think?
— Kate Hurrell, Assistant Online Store Manager, Mulberry