effective influencing

Informed by the down-to-earth practicalities of the works of Jung, Aristotle and other great thinkers, this course starts with your colleagues taking the lid off how and where their style may help or hinder them professionally.

It ends with a marked difference in their ability to change minds and behaviours.

Why wouldn’t you want the very best from every member of your team?

typical learning outcomes:

Within our overall aim, to share key influencing tools and techniques, this course offers opportunities to:

  • unpick the dynamics of effective influence
  • sharpen each person's awareness of their behavioural patterns
  • find better ways to handle challenging scenarios through practice
  • explore a toolkit of effective influencing techniques 
  • build on unique strengths
  • receive written feedback on style and effectiveness
  • present a persuasive case and understand how to better influence others going forward



Effective Influencing Skills
Julie is outcome focused, creative, challenging and as a result I have seen real changes in myself and my team. No matter how experienced we are as managers, we can get caught up in the detail and the coaching sessions we had with Julie were a valuable opportunity to look at what was most important for each of us and for the success of our team.
— Nona McDuff, Head of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Kingston University