graduate induction

It is in everyone's interest that both your business and graduates continue to thrive and excel. Our induction programmes aim to nurture and challenge in equal measure. 

typical programme content…

Our offer is tailored to your core business needs which could include sessions on:

  •  Professional and Professional Branding
  •  Successful Networking
  •  Writing for Business
  •  Delivering Professional Presentations
  •  Building Credibility and Influence
  •  Negotiating Skills
  •  Managing Upwards, Downwards and Sideways
  •  Creative Strategic Thinking
  •  1-2-1 Coaching - Next Steps 
Graduate Induction
Julie is an inspiration. If you want someone to teach your graduates where to stand and which shirt to wear, she can doubtless do that. However, Julie’s great gift has been her ability to inspire us to think more deeply and holistically about what we are doing – and when, where and how we could challenge dull conventions in ways that are both politically sensitive and make a real impact.
— Charles Kavanagh-Brown, Xchanging