creative strategy

It can feel challenging to get your ambitions off the ground, especially considering the hot air generated around business strategy.  We don't accept it has to be such a heavy subject.

Starting with a positive vision of the future, your upward trajectory can feel far more uplifting and exciting. Our mission, to help inject clarity, creativity and enthusiasm into the strategic process, helping you to realise your unique ambitions in three easy steps:

Step One, explores the forensic rationale for change and the consequences of doing nothing

Step Two, creative playtime so that fresh ideas and possibilities can be found

Step Three, time for practice in managing key stakeholders, selling ideas and creating momentum 

typical learning outcomes...

Usually over a couple of days, this course offers opportunities to:

  • explore the concept of creative strategic thinking
  • apply our clear step-by-step approach to a live project
  • share practical tools and techniques along the way
  • envision the rosiest future and clarify core mission
  • build a clear rationale for future creative strategy
  • measure the impact of external and internal factors against pivotal question
  • identify key objectives 
  • explore ways to find fresh ideas and unleash creative solutions
  • practise ways to create buy-in and motivate others
  • feel clearer about strategic process and inspired to find creative solutions next time
Creative Strategy
Thank you! Everyone commented on what a great facilitator you were and that they genuinely enjoyed working with you. In terms of their strategic leadership skills, we immediately set to building on some of our useful takeaways and are now enjoying getting our teeth into applying all we explored.
— Anna Petts, Head of Organisational Development, University of the Arts London