creative business writing

Where imaginations need refreshing or skills and confidence boosting, we can help disentangle or sharpen your lines of communication.

We promise to lead the escape committee from dull writing that fails to connect. Whether that means helping members to write concise emails, engaging web pages, enticing monthly newsletters and blogs or wrestle weighty proposals to the ground – our job is to make the task feel lighter and easier.

After a day's practice, shaped around their key challenges, your people will be better equipped to deliver messages that are crisper, fresher and more engaging.

typical learning outcomes

Our overall aim, to inspire your colleagues to be the best writers they can be. They will:

  • send writing samples in advance for diagnosis
  • explore their most effective ways to prepare 
  • find easy ways to get off to a flying start and avoid blank page syndrome 
  • know how to capture core ideas and structure them cleanly and clearly
  • understand how to fine-tune their style and tone
  • practise applying new techniques to attack their unique writing challenges
  • be inspired to freshen up tired or formulaic approaches  
  • generally sharpen writing skills and confidence 



Creative Business Writing
Your creative business writing course was excellent. We came back to our work with fresh ideas and renewed enthusiasm to engage our customers with copy that really speaks to them.
— Noreen Meehan, Head of Programme Management, National Housing Federation