What drives your personal impact?

What drives your personal impact?


What drives your behaviour?

Many people and situations influence our beliefs over the course of our lives. Whether from our parents, our teachers, the media or society, as much as our innate personality, our beliefs and values can 'drive' our behaviour.  

The idea being that how you perceive an event greatly influences the way they react to it. One person's problem is another's opportunity. 

Self-talk and the conversations we have with ourselves often affect our behaviours. While most of the time our drivers serve us well, being more consciously aware of yours may help you to see how they play out in your most stressful and pressurised situations.  

We’ll be looking more at your behaviours over our training together. In the meantime, you may like to explore this idea further, in which case you could complete the following questionnaire and email us for the full document: 

Meanwhile, if you would like an opportunity to identify the triggers that lead to your feelings and may subsequently impact upon your behaviours, you may like to complete the following questionnaire:  

Read each statement and decide, how often is this statement true for you. Score each statement: 

0   Never

1   Rarely

2   Sometimes

3   Frequently

4   Always

It’s not a test, there are no right or wrong answers, but it’s essential that you answer honestly.  Indicate how you are now and not how you’d like to be.  Spend 15-20 minutes on the questionnaire…any more and you're thinking too hard. 

1.       I need to do things as quickly as possible.

2.      I feel responsible for making others feel good

3.      I try to hide my feelings in front of others.

4.      Whenever I do something, I demand perfection from myself, even if  I have to spend a lot of time doing it.

5.      I have more difficulty in doing things, than most people I know

6.      I often speak so quickly, that people have difficulty following what I'm saying

7.      It is difficult for me to say 'no' when I'm asked to do something.

8.     I endure things silently, without complaining.

9.      I try to use words correctly without making any mistakes.

10.    Life is often difficult and things require a lot of effort.

11.     I never seem to have enough time.

12.     Since I was little, I have put other people first.

13.     When I've made a decision, I'd rather die than change my mind.

14.     When I pass on information, I do it in great detail, so that people understand exactly what I  mean

15.     When I'm talking or doing something, I find it difficult to remain objective or give straight-forward answers

16.    I leave things to the last minute and tend to panic as time runs out.

17.     I like to be liked by everybody.

18.    I don't like to ask for help.

19.    Even when I do something well, I still think I could have done better.

20.    It's not easy to simplify matters - most things are more complicated.

21.     When I'm doing something, I also find myself thinking about what I have to do next.

22.  I worry about what people will say when I do things

23.    When everyone gets excited, I keep cool and calm. I don't panic.

24.    Although I try to be positive, I often end up being negative

25.    I never know exactly what I want. I find it hard to set clear goals.

26.      I either arrive very early for meetings and appointments,or I am late.  Being on time is difficult.

27.      I hope that people will know when I need something, without having to ask them for it. I don't like asking directly for things

28.   I like to keep myself to myself

29.    I don't like to see anything out of place. I like order and efficiency.

30.    I don't know why I bother. I try and nothing comes out the way I want.

 31.       I get impatient waiting for other people to finish their tasks, and often end up doing the job myself.

32.      I think getting on with people is more important than the work.

33.      When somebody becomes emotional, I either become critical or joke about it.

34.    I find it difficult to tolerate other people's mistakes or accept excuses.

 35.      I think it's more important to try new things or be creative than to get it right.

 36.      While others are talking or doing something, I find it difficult to remain still and I tend to become agitated.

37.      I don't like saying things to people if I think it will hurt them, even  if it is true.

38.     I think that the more a person can endure, the more worthy of admiration they are.

39.    I correct people.

40.    I tend to be disorganised and don't have a systematic approach.

41.     I have a tendency to interrupt people and complete their words or sentences, for them.

42.    I try to guess what others need in order to meet their wishes.

43.    Duty and discipline come first in life.

44.     In everything I do, I want to be number one.

45.    I think routine is boring, and when I do things I try to find new or different ways.

46.      When I ask for something I expect an immediate reply. I get impatient with slow people.

47.    I would usually accept 'no" for an answer, even if my request is important.

48.    One has to show strength even when feeling completely 'destroyed' inside.

49.      I demand from others (children, employees, and family) the maximum effort in their studies and work, but I'm more demanding of myself.

50.    I worry and make a great effort when I do things.

51.     I like to have a number of things going on at the same time.

52.    When someone talks to me I nod my head in agreement.

53.    When someone tells a joke I just smile.

54.    I would rather do things myself to be sure they are well done. 

55.    I often complain about life's difficulties.

56.    Wherever I go, I walk quickly or drive fast.

57.    When I ask somebody a favour, I do it in a humble tone of voice.

58.   I like to do things in a set routine manner regardless of what else is going on.

59.    If something is not achieved 100% then it isn't worth anything.

60.   As much as I try, I leave many things unfinished.

Get in touch if you want to know what your answers might mean!