impactful press releases

Working on a busy BBC news desk, it was clear whose appeals for press coverage would be destined for the recycling bin and whose for the airwaves.

We will share the trade secrets of how to think and write like a journalist, so that their interest and that of the wider public can be spiced.

While some fallen guru said that all publicity is good publicity, your business may find it more profitable to understand how to be in the news for the right reasons.

typical learning outcomes

Our main aim, to boost the confidence and skills vital to producing great press releases. Expect opportunities to:

  • understand the changing protocols of professional press releases
  • know the difference between standard press releases and those most likely to get published or aired
  • appreciate the realities of newsgathering from an insider’s perspective
  • think like a journalist for the day to make it easier to capture their attention and core messages
  • practise write engaging and relevant copy
  • sharpen writing skills, bolster confidence and be more effective in your PR activity generally